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Do you do Social research? Does your research contribute to understanding the human condition to better the human condition? Are you keen to showcase your unique insights to the world? Fill in the form below and let us know!  

All non-profit cases are welcome whether they are international, national or local!

The competition is the centre-piece of the Foundation’s ‘Making a Difference’ programme. It’s our chance to highlight and promote how the best of research has made a significant difference to Not-For-Profits. 

There will be three ‘Making a Difference’ prizes; one for the best international NFP case study, one for the best local/domestic NFP case study and one for the most innovative case study. The winners will be announced at ESOMAR’s Asia Pacific Conference on the 15th May. Each of the three winners win a donation for their featured Not-for-Profit and invited to present their work at a special ‘Making a Difference’ session at this year’s ESOMAR Congress, in Berlin, on the 25th September.




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Research for charities – Making a Difference

Tick all that apply to your organisation

We know the people we’re trying to help very well – we don’t need to research themOur Donors see research as a cost – they don’t want to see us spending money on itWe’re not sure how to go about doing it – we don’t have anyone with experience on the staffIt’s very expensive, not worth it for usWe wouldn’t know what to do with itIt’s just not relevant for usWe’re too small – we don’t need to do researchWe never thought about it

Other (please state)

At ESOMAR Foundation we’re convinced that every not-for-profit organisation can benefit from research, can do their job better by understanding the people they’re trying to help more deeply, and that research really can make a difference for everyone.

To convince you we’d like to invite you to a complimentary session at the ESOMAR Congress in Edinburgh, dedicated to this conviction of ours. You bring your issues, skepticism, doubts and questions, and we’ll show you how research could help you do your work better.

ESOMAR Congress has been leading the way in insights innovation for 7 decades, and this year is no exception. It is the biggest event in the industry; the place where creativity, innovation, and insights collide.

We guarantee that you will come away inspired, and with ideas and even definite plans to use research to help you in your work. And if we can’t find a solution for you, we promise we will eat our not only our hats, but our sporrans and kilts too!

The bookings are limited to 20 places. You can secure your free place immediately by filling in the form below