Women Serve

women serve


The research set out to identify 1) the needs and motivations of women, 2) their deep-rooted beliefs and aspirations, and 3) activities that women can engage with in the community park. This was carried out in Rajasthan by Revive Project who worked with around six villages in the district of Bhap, where the literacy among women is as low as 57%.


Volunteer researchers transcribed and analysed 30 qualitative interactions from a week of fieldwork in the local village. This helped shape a quantitative questionnaire, in the form of 130 interviews, which provided better insight and representation of the inner-workings of village society. This involved speaking to individuals from different levels of the caste system, such as, the head of the village and the local hostel manager, who provided a third-party perspective.


This research provided a better understanding of the discrimination that the Bhap women face, and insight into the local belief that Bhap women are a burden to society, whose primary purpose is to provide for their families. As education is not regarded as important for these women, they significantly lack self-confidence, as such, safe community spaces can help facilitate change and growth for individuals and the community.


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