Better Results Programme

Is a cross-sector activity where we apply market research methodologies and expertise to the non-profit sector’s work.

Our Better results Programme is an innovative cross-sector activity where we explore ways to apply market research methodologies and expertise to the non-profit sector’s work to help them improve their performance through better measurement.

NGOs are facing increasing pressure from donors to better measure results and show the effectiveness and the real impact of their work. More effective ways of measuring results is necessary to help non-profit organisations and funding entities to better plan their projects, improve progress, increase impact and enhance learning.

The ESOMAR Foundation functions as a facilitator. We identify organisations and match their needs with the appropriate resources and competencies within our industry. Our goal is to help all non-profit organisations as well as other stakeholders to use the market research industry’s expertise to make their work more effective.

We work with a Panel of Experts who assess, select and evaluate each project. ESOMAR Foundation coordinates and administers projects and oversees the implementation. Types of projects can differ widely depending on the issue and the type of applicant organisation.

How can you support us?

We are open to receive applications at all times. Organisations are asked to submit a concept note that will be reviewed by our team and our panel of experts.
If you are an NGO who is interested in applying or a market researcher who would like to get involved, please contact us at

Partners & Sponsors

For some of our Better Results initiatives we work with partners and sponsors. Partners are usually companies with an interest in providing their expertise and support. Partners support our activities financially, get involved in projects, participate as a trainer to help NGOs gain skills and expertise. 

We are always on the lookout for partners and sponsors. If you are an organization looking to understand more on how you can support us, please find more information here or contact:


The latest projects in the Better Results Program.


Making research (disability) inclusive

What does inclusion mean to you? Who do you consider as a vulnerable group? Your answers are WELCOME as we are preparing the #ESOMAR #Africa Circle on ‘Making research (disability) inclusive’ to be held on 26 October. Such an important topic for those who are interested in collecting data from vulnerable groups, including… Read more

Submit your entry for the 2022 Making a Difference Awards

The ESOMAR Foundation’s annual Making a Difference Awards are now open for entries. Our annual Awards are a chance to applaud and reward the best examples of Market Research making a difference to the world’s Charities. Through these awards, the ESOMAR Foundation aims to raise awareness of the impact of… Read more

ESOMAR Foundation Making a Difference Awards – Winners announced!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s edition of our Making a Difference Awards. The judges were impressed by the quality of the entries this year and, mindful of the UN’s injunction to ‘Leave no one behind’ which is the central, transformative promise of the 2030 Agenda… Read more

Making a Difference Awards – Deadline extended

We are postponing the deadline to submit case studies until 18 June to give an opportunity to those who requested an extension. Please see the Call for submissions for more information and guidelines.   SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY! Read more

Will you make a difference also this time?

The 4th edition of the Making a Difference Awards is on its way! In just three weeks we will start reviewing the entries for these awards. We expect no less than the excellent case studies which won in 2020! The 3 winning cases were brilliant, strong and inspiring examples of… Read more

Submit your entry for the 2021 Making a Difference Awards

The ESOMAR Foundation’s annual Making a Difference Awards are now open for entries. Our annual Awards are a chance to applaud and reward the best examples of Market Research making a difference to the world’s Charities. Through these awards, the ESOMAR Foundation aims to raise awareness of the impact of great… Read more

20 November – Today we celebrate World Children’s Day!

“Every child needs to be welcomed and defended, helped and protected, from the moment of their conception” 20 November 2020 Pope Francis As last year, we want to celebrate the World Children’s Day by offering our readers and followers a few of the many examples of how solutions have been… Read more

Research Got Talent Global Winner

During the recent ESOMAR Insights Festival the inaugural winner of the Global Research Got Talent competition was announced. The joint initiative centres around young researchers using market research to support NGOs and Charities in their local community to address meaningful social issues. For this first edition, the global ESOMAR and the… Read more

Study of young people with dyslexia – challenges and needs in the Danish education system

Insights are required to give young people with dyslexia equal opportunities in the education system  The Egmont Foundation works to safeguard children and young people against “modern poverty” – the lack of learning and life skills. Every year the Egmont Foundation invests approx. DKK 100M with their main objective, that by 2030 all young people are able… Read more

ESOMAR Foundation Making a Difference Awards – Winners announced!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s edition of our Making a Difference Awards. We have received a large number of entries – all of which of great value for highlighting and promoting how the best of research has made a significant difference to Not-For-Profits.  We had… Read more

Impact of The Pandemic in Latin America – Understanding doctors’ perspectives

Let us picture ourselves one year ago. Words like pandemic, lockdowns or new normality, would have sounded as science fiction jargon to most of us. Yet, in September 2019, we happened to conduct a survey across the Americas asking thousands of doctors about how prepared they saw the region to… Read more

Research Got Talent Russia – Winners Announced

The global ESOMAR Foundation and the general partner of the competition in Russia The Platform for Social Change ‘todogood’ announce the winner for the Research Got Talent Russia competition that was conducted on June 19. The competition encourages young professionals to use market research and insights to support local charities… Read more

Ukrainians Fight For The Right To Visit Their Loved Ones in Reanimation Units. Why?

In 2016, the Ministry of Healthcare (MoH) of Ukraine adopted the regulation which directly allowed 24/7 access in intensive care units (ICUs). According to the survey only 20% of respondents were able to visit their family members in reanimation 24/7 in 2019. This regulation wasn’t cancelled during COVID-19 epidemic, but… Read more

Audience research in the time of COVID-19

At BBC Media Action, audiences are the centrepiece of everyday work. This key BBC value is also vital for creating effective communication for development. To understand their audiences and assess the impact, their work begins and ends with research – and this remains true even in a time of crisis.… Read more

Empowering Embodied Healing: Evidence Based Impacts of a Trauma-informed Yoga and Mindfulness Program

Given the uncertain and sometimes chaotic events many of us are experiencing on a daily basis, it is not surprising that the health care foundation Well Being Trust estimates that over 70,000 Americans alone will die in the coming years due to deaths linked to mental health challenges: suicide, overdoses… Read more

NGO Marketing & Semiotics

Marketing is hard. This is equally true for organisations and marketers in non-profit and private sectors. It should be easy, but it is difficult. One of the main reasons is because consumers – or patients or the general public, depending on how you want to characterise them – have minds… Read more

From Panic To Pivot

Pivoting your organization’s operations during a global crisis is no simple matter. On top of event cancellations, funding setbacks, and everything in between, there’s the basic reality that your staff and stakeholders have their own unique personal obstacles occurring concurrently to the evolving tasks at hand. In our webinar session,… Read more

Research Got Talent Australia Announces Winner

MEDIA RELEASE – 8 MAY 2020 The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and the global ESOMAR Foundation today announced the inaugural Australian winner for the Research Got Talent Award competition. The competition encourages young professionals to use market research and insights to support local charities and NGOs to overcome pressing social issues.… Read more

Research Got Talent Australia Finalists Announced

  The Australian finalists for the Research Got Talent Award competition, the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and the global ESOMAR Foundation’s exciting new venture, were announced this week. The competition, which has launched in Australia for the first time this year, encourages young professionals to use… Read more

Driving earlier diagnosis and care for Alzheimer’s disease

Identifying pathways to change behavior in the U.S. healthcare system 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease.  By 2050, this number is projected to rise to nearly 14 million.  It’s currently the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. and kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.… Read more

Research Got Talent Award Competition To Help Address Social Issues – Launches in Australia

The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and the global ESOMAR Foundation announced this week an exciting new joint project, the Research Got Talent award competition, focused on encouraging young professionals to use research to address prominent social issues. AMSRO and ESOMAR’s aim is to recognise young researchers… Read more

The science of imagination: how System 3 offers a new way for NGOs to change minds and raise money

I’d like you to start this article by imagining a different world. Imagine the planet, and the society, you’d like to be living in – is it different to the one we inhabit right now? How does it make you feel to picture that new world? What your mind is… Read more

The science of imagination: 3 steps to follow

In the previous article, I discussed how the imagination of your supporters – also called the “System 3” part of their brain – is the key to changing minds and changing behaviour. If you understand how people perceive the world they live in – which may or may not correspond to… Read more

Successes of Non Profit Organization to Strengthening the Poor and Marginalized Access to Security Services in Nepal

Nepal indulged into ten years (1996-2006) of insurgency, affected the entire communities of the country that created a sense of insecurity in the mind of people, especially poor, marginalized [including youth and women]. It created widespread poverty, youth unemployment, injustice, inequalities and discrimination (cited in Upreti, 2006). As per Shakya… Read more

Why Don’t We Talk About This? Why Kenya needs to start talking about mental health

At Be Forward, Africa is our passion. We want to share our passion by bringing to life research and stories from across the continent. A mental health crisis in Kenya Africa is facing a mental health crisis. Over the past year, mental health stories have hit the mainstream media headlines,… Read more

Big Data Big Debate: How to handle 5 million plus verbatims in just 2 weeks?

Since the beginning of November 2018 and the start of the Yellow Vest protests, France has experienced a three-fold unprecedented social movement. This mobilisation took place outside any existing organisational framework (i.e. trade unions, political parties or associations). It was also unprecedented in its longevity, as national demonstrations have been held on a… Read more

“For every child, every right” – 20 November – Today we celebrate World Children’s Day!

“Around the world, children are showing us their strength and leadership advocating for a more sustainable world for all. Let’s build on advances and re-commit to putting children first. For every child, every right.” UN Secretary-General António Guterres This year’s celebration marks the anniversary of the United Nations’ adoption of… Read more

Financial Segmentation in Brazil´s base of the pyramid

Plano CDE is a Brazilian social impact business (B Corp) established in 2009 by a group of economists and anthropologists with extensive knowledge in research, consultancy of social projects and public policies for the base of the pyramid. The Organization has the goal of helping to map and understand the… Read more

Safe Village Programs – Preventing Child Trafficking in Rural India

My Choices Foundation is a Hyderabad-based NGO dedicated to ending violence, abuse, and exploitation of women and girls in India. They address two prevalent forms of gender-based violence – domestic violence and child trafficking – through Operation PeaceMaker and Operation Red Alert. Operation PeaceMaker works in Telangana through thousands of… Read more

Announcement: The Research Got Talent Initiative Goes Global!

At this year’s ESOMAR Congress in Edinburgh, ESOMAR and the ESOMAR Foundation launched an exciting new project focused on engaging youth to address prominent social issues using research. The Research Got Talent Initiative was pioneered by the Associations in India and Hong Kong and saw great success in connecting a… Read more

BREAKING THE CYCLE – Increasing uptake of HIV testing, prevention and treatment among young men in South Africa

In South Africa, adolescent girls and young women make up around 2/3rds of new HIV infections yet men account for slightly more than half of AIDS deaths.  Whilst women are infected at a greater rate, the AIDS deaths do not follow the same linear pattern which suggests men often find… Read more

Identifying nudges for the growth of women in Rajasthan, India

The story of an enigmatic woman across a state border In July 2018, we set out across to the state of Rajasthan, miles away from Mumbai, the concrete jungle. After a three-hour road journey from the main city, we reached Bhap, a little-known village in Western Rajasthan.  It is home… Read more

Government Policies for the Disabled vs. the Ground Reality

The Equals, unlike other NGOs, is an organization which focuses on advocacy issues related to people with disabilities. They function as a facilitator between the government and people with disabilities by making them aware about the policies while understanding the challenges faced in their day to day lives to help… Read more

Cracking the Gender Code. A 20-year longitudinal study in 6 months

Why are there so few women in computing? Jobs are plentiful – demand exceeds supply – and they pay well. Simple, right? Girls don’t like computers. But that’s rubbish. At primary school age, girls and boys have similar interest levels. It’s at secondary school that their interest declines relative to… Read more

Successful parenting – Harnessing aspirations to save lives in rural India

India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, still loses 300,000 young lives each year to pneumonia and diarrhea, diseases that we have the tools to prevent. If practiced together, handwashing with soap at key occasions (HWWS) and complete immunization, two of the most cost-effective child survival interventions, could significantly reduce… Read more

Driving Change in Behaviour Management

The Story of Ensuring Equitable Outcomes from Underprivileged Students It was Monsoon of 2018 when I traveled to the city of Bangalore, India under the Market Research Society of India’s The Community Program (TCP), an initiative designed to give back to the community by offering world-class research and insights to… Read more