Where education is not available to all, we support individuals with training and  webinars and scholarships


The Market Research Training Programme has been set up for the purpose of improving the quality of market research in developing countries and to offer training to market research professionals in countries where education is not available to all.

The content of the training, where it takes place and to what extent depends largely on the needs and requests from our stakeholders, local associations, market research agencies and their clients.


We offer scholarships to students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who are interested in a career in market research.

We work with companies that sponsor the scholarship and with national and international market research associations that help us organise and carry out the nomination and selection process together with the academic institution.

Our intention with the scholarship programme is to fund post-graduate studies, i.e. a Master degree or equivalent. However, if there are any other needs we are willing to discuss if it is a good fit.



ESOMAR Foundation believes that a fair, just and peaceful society is deserved by all and recognizes the immense promise that the research community offers to those striving to achieve these goals on a global level. We bring volunteers and resources together to execute projects and provide financial support to help and support charities and NGO’s to achieve their aims.

The ESOMAR Foundation is embracing qualitative methods as a means to improve the impact of NGO’s. With the knowledge and support of the many qualified researchers in this discipline, the ESOMAR Foundation wants to build an offer of online training webinars to advance knowledge of NGO’s in this discipline and to showcase the outcome of great research.



How you can support

If you are a market researcher, a national market research association, an NGO involved in research or a university interested in a scholarship or training in your country please contact us at

Partners & Sponsors

We are always on the lookout for partners and sponsors. If you are an organisation looking to understand more on how you can support us, please find more information here or contact: