We offer scholarships to students from disadvantaged       socio-economic backgrounds who are interested in a career in market research.


We offer scholarships to students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who are interested in a career in market research.

We work with companies that sponsor the scholarship and with national and international market research associations that help us organise and carry out the nomination and selection process together with the academic institution.

Our intention with the scholarship programme is to fund post-graduate studies, i.e. a Master degree or equivalent. However, if there are any other needs we are willing to discuss if it is a good fit.

How you can support

If you are a market researcher, a national market research association, an NGO involved in research or a university interested in a scholarship in your country please contact us at info@esomarfoundation.org

Partners & Sponsors

We are always on the lookout for partners and sponsors. If you are an organisation looking to understand more on how you can support us, please find more information here or contact:  info@esomarfoundation.org

The latest scholarship news.

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” – Asian Proverb

Pisey Choub, the student from Cambodia who received the ESOMAR Foundation scholarship sponsored by Sapio Research, was invited by the ESOMAR Foundation to join the group of student-helpers during the recent ESOMAR Congress held in Amsterdam on 10-13 September. Read about Pisey’s delightful write-up of her Congress experience I can… Read more

From Dream into Reality

From a young age, I kept hearing words from my father: “Only education would make you live better and work better than I do now”. This word is repeatedly played around in my mind until now, and what he said is true. Education is a sharp weapon for us to… Read more

New scholarship awarded in Cambodia

23 April 2023, Amsterdam, NL – ESOMAR Foundation recently funded a new scholarship benefiting a deserving student entering into a market research-related field of study in Cambodia. Pisey Choub is the recipient of a scholarship funded through a partnership with the global research consultancy Sapio Research. Pisey is following the MBA Program in Global… Read more

Studying during the pandemia

It’s a fact, COVID-19 is slowing down the studies of many students throughout the world! Here is news from our two students from Sri Lanka who are lucky enough to be able to study thanks to the generous support of SAPIO and WIRE/Unilever. The scholarship gives them an opportunity to… Read more

Just One Year

Final year. First semester started almost a year ago in December 2019. I did good for the first part, I have attended every lecture and did my academic activities well. Although the final exam of the first semester was scheduled to be held in March, it was advanced to August… Read more

My life during Covid-19

Time flies so fast and it’s true! I am getting close to my final year in university life. When I talk about this year, I can say it wasn’t the best but also not exceptionally bad. At the end of the march Covid-19 pandemic began, so all the universities and… Read more

Life is a river

This is the first blog-post from Chamari Jeewanthi Hapuarachchcige, who is following the B.Sc. Marketing Management degree program at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. Life is a river. Why I’m saying that? Like the river passing through rocks, we also have to face lots of challenges in our… Read more

Sri Lankan Vibes

“Time is flying”, earlier I thought that it’s just another word but now I can realize it’s actually true. I am now in the first semester of my third year of university. Last year I achieved some of the goals I have planned. In the first university year, my GPA… Read more

Celebrating the success achieved

There are not enough words to thank all the support received in these two and a half years from my family, friends and especially the ESOMAR Foundation and WIRe who generously gave me the support to study. The last months were quite busy with activities, exams, hard work and the… Read more

My Year’s Trifactor!

Blog post from Innocent Rwamba Nyaga who is following the MS in market research at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Innocent is the recipient of the ESOMAR Foundation / MSRA Scholarship sponsored by WIRe and Unilever. As I’d mentioned in an article I’d written earlier this year, I was in the… Read more

Back to School: My Senior Year has Finally Arrived!!!

My name is Esther Tot. I am 21 years old. I am a young Cambodian lady that received a scholarship awarded by the two amazing Data Research industries, ESOMAR Foundation and Women in Research Organization. These two organisations have helped me since my first day in university and now I… Read more

New scholarships awarded in Sri Lanka

8 October 2019 – Amsterdam, NL – ESOMAR Foundation recently funded 2 new scholarships benefiting two deserving students entering into a market research-related field of study in Sri Lanka. Both students are enrolled at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. Chamari Jeewanthi is the recipient of a scholarship funded through a partnership… Read more

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