Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” – Asian Proverb

Pisey Choub, the student from Cambodia who received the ESOMAR Foundation scholarship sponsored by Sapio Research, was invited by the ESOMAR Foundation to join the group of student-helpers during the recent ESOMAR Congress held in Amsterdam on 10-13 September. Read about Pisey’s delightful write-up of her Congress experience

I can say this was one of the finest and most satisfying adventures of my life I had a chance to visit a European country which is Amsterdam City in the Netherlands for the ESOMAR Congress 2023. Each day of the trip brought new sights and new adventures especially new experiences that I never had before. Amsterdam is a beautiful city. People like to use Boats, Bicycles, trams, and buses for traveling. The city is not too crowded by traffic jams and less noise from the car horns. The weather there is very good, some days the sunny day, and some days the windy day. I am so impressed by the way that they can conserve and maintain the old building very well. To talk about the people there, they are all so friendly and helpful.

I felt so scared for the first time since I had never travelled so far from my country before but after I met Ms Phyllis Macfarlane, I felt so warm and all the fear that I had gone away. I am so delighted by the way she took care of me and treated me as a family member. She took me to see the city and introduced me to meet with the ESOMAR Foundation Team as well as other people in the event for networking.

I gained a lot of life experience during the lovely dinner with the ESOMAR Team, they shared with me about work experience and life tips to make the work and life balance. During the congress, after I had done my volunteer tasks, I had some time to see and hear from the speakers about their experiences and their marketing research presentations. It is very interesting the way they do the explanation and the way they use the method to collect the data. This is the chance that I can learn from them about the techniques they use, insights, and tip which is up to date with the market research now.

I have a little hope that one day I have a chance to present about marketing research at the international congress like this. But everything like this could not happen without Sapio Research and support from the ESOMAR Foundation. I am very grateful to Ms. Jessica Bunce for the fund support from Sapio Research that she has provided to me. This support allows me to see what the world looks like and lets me go another step closer to the Market Research world. I am very happy and feel proud to share with my family, friends, and Masters’ Degree Class about this exciting experience. Live the life of your dreams, you never know what is happening next, but you need to be ready for the opportunities that will come.

Thank you for everything you have done for me.


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