– a platform connecting Ukrainian friends with the EU creative industry

As the unspeakable tragedy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolds, it’s time for the European advertising community to come forward and help our Ukrainian friends in any way it can.

That’s why PTBRiO and SAR in Poland are launching – a platform connecting Ukrainian advertising professionals with employers from other European countries.

Whether you are an ad agency, a media agency, a production company, or a client, lets you post any job vacancies you may have – on-site or remote

As you know we are facing a horrible situation in Ukraine, and on our border. Many people try to find in Poland a shelter where they can feel safe. Among these people there are many professionals belonging to our global research/ ad/ marketing industry. In Poland we have organised a site to help them find a new job, and hope for a normal life.  Together with PTBRiO and SAR in Poland we would kindly like to ask you to send to all your contacts in Ukraine information about this initiative. All they need to do is to go to this site:

“(…) We stand in solidarity with Ukraine! We want to help our neighbors live as normal as possible in the face of war and emigration. (…) We are creating a platform with job opportunities in the marketing communications sector, but we are open to any assistance initiatives from other entities and organizations.”
Paweł Tyszkiewicz, managing director SAR