The beauty of new beginnings

Wander into the unknown, open your heart & take the leap! I wrote these words down on the first day of 2023 as my mantra throughout the year and sure enough, dreams of faraway places came knocking at my doorstep and roaring my name so loud.

My biggest wish for 2023, was that at some point this year, whenever I will have to introduce myself, I will have to mention that ‘’ I am pursuing my Master’s degree’’ this was only a dream because I always have believed in being the change, and bringing change, in the society I live in and I also desired growth in my career. I believe that if I advance my education, I will gain the skills I need to transform the world and be an asset in the Market Research space.

17th October 2023, I describe this day as ‘’Beatrice International day’’, it’s like everything in the universe had gathered together and decided it’s about time my life shifted into new many beginnings that would bring me so much bliss. This is the day I received my scholarship confirmation from ESOMAR Foundation/WIRE. Finally, my dream of advancing my education had come true, and people who only knew me through my certificates decided to invest in my future and transform me into the professional I have always desired to be.

Since I started my Master’s degree, it has been a series of new beginnings for me, from meeting a new family from ESOMAR Foundation/WIRE, my classmates, attending classes every day and the shift my life had to take to now being a full-time student, these are experiences I wish I knew were waiting for me. Lately, I have been happy, contented, and at peace as I embrace this new journey of achieving my dreams.

From Nairobi Kenya, I send a billion thank you (s)!!!


Beatrice Karimi is pursuing a Master in Development Studies (MA Development Studies) at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Beatrice is the recipient of a scholarship funded through a partnership with Women in Research (WIRe).

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