Empowering Market Researchers in Lebanon

In the wake of the devastating Beirut Port explosion on August 4th, 2020, ESOMAR Foundation stepped up to aid Lebanon’s research community by creating the Lebanon Relief Fund. ESOMAR Foundation has collaborated with the University of Georgia and MRII to launch an initiative, aimed at supporting researchers and students in Lebanon.

Through their joint efforts, they offered 20 free online market research courses tailored to equip researchers and students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the field effectively.

The courses offered covered a wide range of topics essential to Market Research.

Applicants were provided with detailed descriptions of each course, enabling them to make informed decisions based on their individual interests and needs.

Witnessing the impact it has had on our community has been truly inspiring. The knowledge and skills acquired through these courses have empowered individuals to navigate their professional paths more effectively.

To provide a glimpse of the impact firsthand, we are pleased to share feedback from some of the successful learners:

“I am delighted to share that the course was indeed enriching and has significantly impacted both my professional and personal life. The comprehensive content and interactive learning approach have enhanced my understanding of quantitative data collection methods, equipping me with practical skills applicable to my work. The real-world examples and case studies provided valuable insights, allowing me to apply the concepts learned directly to my role.” – Abir Richani on Quantitative Data Collection Methods

“Analyzing large datasets can reveal hidden patterns and trends in various aspects of society, economics, and human behavior. This could enhance my understanding of the world around and spark curiosity about social issues and global challenges. I think this course will have a significant and positive impact on my professional and personal life by equipping me with valuable skills, enhancing my knowledge, and empowering me to make informed decisions and contributions to the world”. – Chadi Daou on Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data.

“The course was highly interesting and informative; I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the flow to be very smooth. I believe the course was exceptionally well-prepared.”- Ghiwa Mouawad on Communicating Research Results

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The content was insightful, and the instructors demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter. The course not only expanded my knowledge of working with secondary data but also provided practical insights that I have already started applying in my professional role. The real-world examples and case studies were particularly beneficial in bridging the gap between theory and practice.”- Hassan Idriss on Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data

It was great training, and I benefited from it professionally and academically” – Hala ElZein on Advanced Analytic Techniques.

In conclusion, we extend our deepest gratitude to the ESOMAR Foundation, the University of Georgia, and MRII for their unwavering commitment to supporting Lebanon’s research community. Your collaboration has not only provided educational opportunities but has also fostered hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Tarek Ammar, ESOMAR Representative for Lebanon, Regional Director at ARA Research and Consultancy