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Education: The Sharpest Weapon for Navigating One’s Journey

My name is Pisey Choub, and I am currently a Master’s Degree student at the National University of Management in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), specializing in Global Innovation Management. I am grateful to have received scholarship funds from the ESOMAR Foundation, with Sapio Research being the donor providing this support.

The journey to completing my studies spans two years, and so far, I have greatly enjoyed my classes. I have been learning about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Talent Management, and many other enriching subjects. The classes have been incredibly engaging, particularly because most of the professors come from various countries, bringing diverse techniques and styles to education. All of the subjects have been very useful for my daily work and have expanded my research knowledge. Due to my hard work, I have achieved an average score of 90.72 in all the subjects.

Currently, I am working on my project capstone research, which is the final project for my Master’s Degree. I have chosen “Mobile Threat Defense in the Cambodian Market” as my research topic. While Mobile Threat Defense programs may be well-established in other countries, they are relatively new to Cambodia. This is an important area of study because smartphones store a significant amount of sensitive information, which necessitates increased awareness and protection.

Education is the sharpest weapon for navigating one’s journey. Learning opportunities extend beyond the classroom, and I am grateful for the chance to expand my knowledge and experience through this Master’s Degree Program. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the supporters and donors who have given me the opportunity to see the world more clearly.


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