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This research set out to understand what drives decisions to 1) force a woman or girl into trafficking and 2) pay for the sex. The main aims were to understand these factors in their emotional context and how these emotions affect decision making. Overall the research contributed to the objective of antitrafficking by enabling ORA to understand the behavioural mindsets of those on the demand and supply side of sez trafficking.


Field visits were initially carried out to develop a deeper understanding that takes into account the context of at-risk families, stakeholders, migrant workers, influencers and decision-making environments. Interviews were carried out by NGO\'s, government agencies and stakeholders involved in different aspects of the trafficking issue. EthnoLab, a FinalMile proprietary research technique was applied, involving a game that simulates the real-world context of the participants to elicit real-world reactions and behaviours. This enabled the analysis of emotions and mental disorders, which influence the behaviour of at-risk families. This was followed by an interview session that elicited emotions, providing insight and information about more personal experiences and perceptions on the topic.


The study achieved the development of the flagship awareness program - the Safe Village Program, which is designed to help individuals at all literacy levels in villages throughout India by helping them to understand human trafficking and collectively working towards prevention. This also led to Operation Red Alert and Quantum Analytics building a tool to help map villages highly prone to trafficking demonstrating the significance and real-world application of these results.


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