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Motivaction International set up the Glocalities project to contribute to better-informed discussions on the progress of poverty alleviation, in order to generate momentum for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) campaign. Additionally, the research aimed to identify and profile promising group who can assist the SDGs campaign in increasing knowledge and engagement globally.


The research consisted of a two-stage fieldwork process, conducted by international partners, SSI and Lightspeed GMI. Value-based surveying and then a follow-up questionnaire was used to identify possible ambassadors, in terms of who they are, what motivates them and what narratives the SDG community can use to resonate with them. Triangulation analysis was used to validate the findings, in terms of trends, values, lifestyle and archetypes.


The report was released in 2016 and the results were covered globally by the media, which helped inform and influence the debate around the SDGs. This demonstrates the importance and impact of research like this which can increase understanding of such topics and how it is highly valuable for the charitable communities and partners. This has also led to a secondary report, which will analyse developments based on the third global was of the Glocalities study.


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