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The National Trust set out to understand the depth of people\'s connection to place. They revealed that meaningful places generate natural excitement and create a significant response in areas of the brain associated with positive emotions.


Researchers used three different methods. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) measured the response that images of meaningful places elicited on regions of the brain associated with emotional processing. Respondent and researchers also visited meaningful places to qualitatively capture the natural excitement, emotions and language used when talking about their meaningful place. And a quantitative study established the emotional response to meaningful places and what it would mean to people if this no longer existed.


This research showed that the work of the National Trust is important for everyone to continue to feel a sense of discovery, peace and belonging. It reveals that visiting meaningful places brings feelings of mental wellbeing, nostalgia, security and survival. It creates long-lasting physical and psychological benefits. Proving that places are more than simply a space for people to enjoy for their aesthetic beauty.


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