Bakamo Public for Civil Socity

civil society


The primary objective was to better understand peoples perception of Civil Society, advocacy, grant-making foundations and philanthropy in the European context in order to provide successful measures of change. Specifically, this was to improve the effectiveness of its grantmaking. The findings were implemented to improve the businesses communication and integration and public image.


Bakamo used social listening, which is a combination of AI based data gathering and human analysis, which reveals people authentic voices. This data was collected from several European countries and took part in 3 stages. 1) Country specific information was collected from clients and country experts to provide a cultural context. 2) Key concepts were coded into 48 semantic queries, capturing millions of natural conversations on the public internet. 3) Almost 50,000 relevant posts were identified, read and analysed by human analysts in order to capture the public\'s understanding of civil society. The results were assessed using qualitative methods such as quantification.


The findings helped Civil Society relieve themselves from their negative stigmatisation and poor self-reinforcing cycles. The research highlighted differences between topics, values and talk drivers that clients focus on and pointed out that different societal values and corresponding objectives overlap deeply with peoples needs. This understanding also enabled to company to reposition its implementation and communication more effectively.


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