Cimigo has demonstrated a simple model where research can raise significant amounts of money for charities that can be life-changing, promote charitable work and provide greater meaning for those at the front line of garnering consumer feedback. Previous survey response motivations have been dependent on financial incentives and so the research aimed to explore how to move away from extrinsic monetary incentives to intrinsic motivations around meaning and purpose.


Cimigo carried out a CATI survey, combined with iterative testing for panellists and then face to face surveys were used. CATI surveys are computer-assisted telephone interviewing which consist of the interviewer reading out the research questions and then inputting the participant's answers as they go. The results pointed out a strong distrust towards institutions and the corruptible opportunities that cash donations create.


Cimigo produced interesting results, giving a new insight on how to view rewards and incentives for respondents. From the results Cimigo ceased financial rewards, moving from mobile top-up to donating to a local charity, regardless of the results demonstrating that participants would overwhelmingly choose to take the money instead of the donation. This demonstrates an important and moral growth for the company who will hopefully be an example to other market research firms. Overall, the results demonstrated that every respondent engagement can readily be turned into a positive contribution to their local community.


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