Fine Research, supported by Reckner Healthcare and Confirmit



The main objective of this study was to provide direct aid to the victims of Hurricane Mathew in Haiti in 2016 and Mexico earthquake in 2017. The research also set out to understand how to better deal with natural disasters, particularly learning from healthcare professionals to grasp how well-prepared Latin America is with dealing with natural disasters of such scales. Furthermore, understanding what the main priorities for policy should be in mitigating the catastrophes most effectively. Two secondary purposes were to foster panellist engagement doing collectively a community aid and to share the experience in the Market Research industry to stimulate the usage of donations as incentives.


Fine Research carried out the project pro-bono, supported by Reckner healthcare and Confimit. The research consisted of an online panel platform to generate input on social, humanitarian and public policy-related subjects. This was aimed at general practitioners and specialist residents in 18 countries through the Americas. Fine Research committed to donating to Save the Children mission instead of paying respondents for their participation. The main initiatives were identified and quantified, making up the qualitative aspect of the study


The direct donations themselves were a success story and over 5,000 donations came in within the first few weeks. Useful tools and basic donations such as blankets were donated to assist the victims of the hurricane and earthquake. Furthermore, booklets and pencils were also donated to help emotional relief for the children of the disasters, the research provided insight into societies preparation and training, or lack thereof. This encouraged the call for action and changes to public policies. Additionally, the benefits of using donations as incentives were shared with other industry members in the hopes of encouraging similar actions.


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