The International Foundation of Electoral Systems (IFES)



IFES began their research to raise awareness about the lack of electoral rights of IPDs in Ukraine, with the aim of putting the issue on the public agenda. As this is not a widely discussed topic it was important to understand to what level policymakers and general members of the public understood about the topic. The results demonstrated that IPDs lack voting rights on all types of elections.


Two waves of research were carried out for a comparative analysis. Unfortunately, the database with all registered IDPs was not available to the researchers so a nationally representative sample was selected for face-to-face interviews, rendering this a small-scale survey of IPDs.


The results carried significant weight highlighting the complete absence of basic voting rights. Ensuring full political voting rights for IDPs is a key priority for IFES work in Ukraine and these results help them pursue these goals. Specifically, the IFES presented the results to the foreign embassy and donor organisations, leading to G7 Ambassadors releasing a statement in support of electoral reform in Ukraine and the assurance of political enfranchisement of IDPs. This demonstrated the significance of studies and surveys like these as they can lead to lasting reform and new laws which lead to more just and humane societies.


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