Ipsos and Interamerican Development Bank



Ispos is aware of the transformative role women can play in the business world, but they are also conscious of the challenge\'s women face daily, especially in countries like Ecuador. As such, they formed a strategic alliance with Interamerican Development Bank to carry out a study on the top 500 companies in Ecuador to achieve their aim: understanding how best to put forward and carry out measures that would help society increase women\'s participation in leadership roles within the corporate world.


The project consisted of online, face-to-face and telephone interviews. Less than half of the top 500 companies decided to take part in the study and in the advancement of the 5th sustainable development goal; \"achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls\". The companies that chose to take part provided company data on women in the workplace, such as, ranking by total women, women at managerial levels and percent of women in the corporate world. These results were also compared to other countries and at a regional level to better understand where Ecuador stood regarding the topic.


While only having a minimal response, the study had remarkable results demonstrating where and what to speak on in the most patriarchal spaces. Presentations were given to thousands of Ecuador\'s top businessmen, with the help of unions who recognise the significance of women in the workplace. Significantly, the Chamber of Commerce in Guayaquil created an event called Inspiring Women, to empower women, which takes place annually. Additionally, the Chamber of Industries in Quito also developed a conference, inviting international organisations such as the UN, PNUG, Girls in Tech, Women x Women and businessmen who support women in the workplace. This was also covered widely by the media, highlighting the importance of research like this and how it can produce significant results even with only minimal support or involvement.


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