International Labour Organisation and Rapid Asia Co Ltd



Rapid Asia Co Ltd set out to better understand migration outcomes and what was done to determine what contributors lead to positive outcomes for migrant workers. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) selected Rapid Asia to conduct the research and the idea to develop the MOI was brand new and never done before.


Rapid Asia carried out a survey in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam with recently returned migrants. The qualitative market research method, intercept interviews, was used in several planned intervention areas and in one control area to have a comparison point. The control area used quotas and screening criteria to ensure comparability. The results were examined and from this, 8 variables were selected to form the MOI index, including both social and financial indicators.


The MOI provided significant results and the four countries were easily ranked. The index provided important detail on what factors drive migration outcomes, which has, in turn, helped form effective advocacy efforts as the results provide evidence on which labour laws generate benefits beyond the protection of migrants. This study is remarkable and can be extrapolated to other countries looking to improve their migrants status and future outcomes.


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