The Rheingold Institute on behalf of PLAN International



Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children\'s rights and equality for girls worldwide. However, PLAN recently reported a lull in their youth network in terms of projects taking off. As such, the aim of the research was to understand how, and under which circumstances, young German adults could be activated for and involved in the activities of PLAN and how they could be animated to participate in personal and proactive engagement.


Several in-depth interviews with teens, young adults and students in Cologne and Hamburg were carried out. These face-to-face interviews were accompanied by explorative interview techniques which offered a unique insight into the young adult\'s everyday life, motivations, triggers, perceived reality and contact with NGOs. This data was then analytically condensed, generating several insights, which uncovered four clear psychological stages of development. 1) widen your world, 2) awareness: I can do something, 3) get a realistic view on things and 4) set the course for life.


These four key devolvement stages can be implemented by an organisation or NGO, which PLAN can also now use to accurately address and involve young adults from an early stage. This will in turn will improve social awareness for young adults and hopefully produce lifelong supporters to making the world a better place.


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