Survivors Fund SURF



The Survivors Fund SURF coordinated the two-year HIV+ Survivors Empowerment Project (SEP) which was implemented by the widows organisation AVEGA Agahozo and funded by Comic Relief. The overall evaluation demonstrated the program was a great success and made significant impacts on beneficiaries lives in terms of finance, and more crucially, it had a significant positive social impact.


The studies fieldwork consisted of in-person consultations with partners of the coordinating charities, carried out via interviews to gather qualitative data on opinions and issues relating to the discussion. This was complemented by qualitative consultations with district officials in regard to the economic aspects of the project. This led to 1:1 interviews which supplemented the qualitative data and helped form a documented review of all interactions from focus groups, individuals and team members.


This type of study demonstrates the importance of specific research looking at the overall impact, output and outcomes of charities and their projects, in order to improve the end results, in the long term, for beneficiaries. The overall evaluation drew out specific recommendations, such as the importance of business modelling, effective project management and increasing social abilities and opportunities. These recommendations are highly transferable to those affecting similar survivor situations.


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