Plano CDE for Financial Inclusion on behalf of the J.P. Morgan Foundation



Plano CDE in partnership with FGV Centre for Financial Inclusion, on behalf of the J.P. Morgan Foundation, set out better understand how financial institution, social impact start ups, NGO\'s and the Brazilian government can enhance their products and services to best serve the population and improve their daily lives, in terms of financial inclusion.


This study used mixed methodologies and engaged different stakeholders from the financial inclusion ecosystem in Brazil such as the Brazilian Central bank team, NGOs and Fintechs. The research comprised of four different phases: 1) a literature review, 2) quantitative survey combined with segmentation technique, to understand the different attitudinal profiles of BoP public regarding their financial products and services, 3) ethnographic observations and video register to further understanding of the profiles and 4) stakeholders workshop and presentation.


This research provides a new understanding of Brazils financial behaviours, giving insight into the different profiles and needs of each group. The research is highly transferable and is being used by NGO\'s, governments, FinTech\'s and banks to provide better services i.e. access to credit, based on the different profiles.


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