Bali Kids awarded Local Initiatives Grant

Bali Kids awarded Local Initiatives Grant

ESOMAR Foundation announced today it had awarded its second 2014 Local Initiatives Programme grant to Indonesian local charity Bali Kids. The grant, of €5200 has been earmarked to support the Bali Kids’ medical programmes helping increase access to medical care for disadvantaged children.

ESOMAR Foundation’s Delegate for Day to Day Management, Kim Smouter commented, “As our second beneficiary from Asia, we are extremely pleased to be able to support a charity to significantly increase the medical care it provides to young, disadvantaged children. Bali Kids join a wonderful list of beneficiaries and we are excited to see the results from the operating grant.”

ESOMAR Foundation, founded in 2013, is the foundation of the market, social, and opinion research sector channelling the expertise and resources of the sector to achieve social good. Through its funding programmes, the ESOMAR Foundation supports researcher families facing emergency situations, access to education on market, social, and opinion research, charities, and the philanthropic sector.

Bali Kids’ managing director Nyoman Kusala commented “Education and health is a wonderful gift to give children.”

Bali Kids opened in April 2005. The project provides a clean, safe environment for orphans requiring special care. The centre is open to any children registered in Bali’s orphanages who need medical attention. Children from the local village projects, whose family hold a ‘poor family card’, can also receive free treatment and care. The grant will providing financing towards a new medical team composed of a doctor, nurse, and a driver for a year.

This aligns fully with the objectives of ESOMAR Foundation’s Local Initiatives Programme, which supports local charitable activities to continue to be the champions of social change in their countries. The programme is open to local charities operating in countries where sister society ESOMAR organises its major regional and global events throughout the year.

Both ESOMAR Foundation and Bali Kids are delighted to be able to provide a broader medical care service offering for children. Both organisations will be communicating the achievements of the project in the hopes of inspiring further support to the programmes of Bali Kids.