Helping to Combat Skin Cancer


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Using popular culture to overcome dangerous sun exposure behaviour among teens

This paper was first presented at the ESOMAR Global Healthcare event in 2010


Ainslie Williams
Sofia Khayech


While a serious health issue, getting sunburnt is legal. In fact, it’s probably the least morally wrong of all issues facing teens in Australia today.

This is a case study on how leveraging components of pop culture attractive to teens can not only produce a better research process but solid insights and strategic direction for youth focussed health campaigns.


Have you ever tried to protect a sandcastle against a rising tide? Or swim against a rip in the ocean?
How can you stop something that’s natural? Something that is so a part of an everyday life where the odds are clearly stacked against you because there are bigger forces at play?

There is no denying that as an industry health care research provides great challenges to qualitative researchers. It’s fraught with sensitive and illegal topics but challenges can come from other directions. What about a legal behaviour that is ingrained in Australian society, the results of which form a significant thread in the national identity yet has long term ramifications?

The behaviour is suntanning. The results are tanned skin and the high risk of acquiring skin cancer – something that is almost preventable1) in a country that has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

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