ESOMAR Foundation highlights how the right insight can disrupt sex slavery and calls for support!

Meena’s story is what we want to tell you about. It’s one of the many stories about sex trade in India. We hope by reading about Meena and her ordeal you will help this cause.

Why is the ESOMAR Foundation so keen on this story? Well, you probably do not know but through the brave work of My Choices Foundation and Final Mile and their insight into the real issues of sex slavery they understood that by focusing on the fathers who are unknowingly selling their precious daughters into slavery, they knew they could disrupt the sex trade and save girls like Meena.

Read the full story here… MEENA’S STORY


But, we need your help to do more, much more.

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To find out more, you can register for My Choices Foundation live-streamed presentation at ESOMAR Congress, Tues 12th Sept at 11.15 CEST. You can also donate directly to their work.