The final stretch is almost there for Nicolin’s studies!

The school break is reaching its end and I must admit that I am a bit afraid of returning to school. However, this is the final stretch and I am ready for the victory!

I have recently found myself getting closer to God and enjoying the company of people who share the same love I have for him. I grew up in a Catholic church, which means all I know is Catholic. However, recently I have started attending my friend’s church. I really enjoy their messages as well as the songs they sing. I have had many say I seem confused because, I immerse myself into different religious cultures. It is almost as though there is no sense of direction or stability in how I choose to praise God. I say it does not have to make sense. It is about my relationship with him and nothing else.

The scholarship awarded to Nicolin was sponsored by SSI and in collaboration with SAMRA.