“I am happy to announce that I am a Marketing graduate!”

This is the seventh blog-post from Nicolin Mamuya, the first ESOMAR Foundation scholarship in South Africa.
Congratulations Nicolin from all of us at the ESOMAR Foundation!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It is such a blessing to make it to another year. I wish everyone a joyful and prosperous year.

I haven’t made any resolutions for 2017 because a) I never stick to them and b) there’s so much uncertainty this year. I pray for a good year. I’m still waiting for a response from school about my honours application. I’ll probably get something this week and I received all my results mid-December and I am happy to announce that I am a Marketing graduate. I am truly proud of myself. Everyone keeps asking when the graduation ceremony is but, I’m not even sure of the dates myself. It would be great to have most of my family here however, I am not good at playing the host, a position that my mom would have played if she was still around. I would honestly prefer to just have my mother and one of my aunts but, I would never reject anyone who wishes to attend.

I ended up going to Tanzania on the 21st of December. It was, according to my cousin, imperative that I go to Tanzania this particular December. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed my stay there. The aunt responsible for my mom expressed that she was under great pressure and that I should relocate to Tanzania to care for my mom soon after I complete my honours degree. I tried suggesting other alternatives such as having someone take care of my mom while I work and send money back home however; there is always the concern of what would happen if the helper wanted to visit her family. Who would remain with my mother? It’s too much for a 20 year old to handle but, I guess this is the cross I have to carry. Hopefully a solution will come up as the year progresses.

The scholarship awarded to Nicolin was sponsored by SSI and in collaboration with SAMRA.