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Are you an expert? We need your help!

Our Better Results Program (Previously our Philanthropy program) aims to support non-profit organizations measuring results and impact. We believe that adding the skills and knowledge of the market, social and opinion research industry adds great synergies to the sector.

Given the demand and interest this initiative has generated, we are now expanding this program by setting up a panel of expert that will add further expertise and knowledge to our projects.

The Panel of Experts will consist of senior representatives from our profession. The Panel will meet a few times a year to assess projects carried out by the Foundation and non-profit organizations. The Panel will add value by giving Best Practice advice to the research studies carried out by the NGOs. The Foundation will use the Best Practice advice to publish a body of knowledge for the non-profit sector. Our goal is to be a leading knowledge hub in this field with innovative solutions to measure results and impact.

Are  you interested in joining us? Please contact us: info@esomarfoundation.org

You can also find more information about our Better Results Program here.

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‘Education is the most powerful weapon…’

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ Nelson Mandela

The Foundation in co-operation with SAMRA (Southern African MR Association) with the generous support of SSI will be awarding a scholarship to a deserving young person during the SAMRA Conference 17-19 May in Gauteng South Africa

The Scholarship program supports students from a disadvantaged socio-economic background with an interest in pursuing a career in Market research. The scholarships will fund post-graduate studies in disciplines that are relevant to social, market and opinion research.

To ensure a good selection and assessment process the Foundation will collaborate with different local market research associations and universities. SAMRA, will be helping to identify and short list potential candidates by reaching out to universities and professors as well as help with interviews an assessment of applications.

To help support us financially, SSI, a global provider of data solutions and technology for the Market Research Industry will be the sponsor for scholarships 2016/17.

Are you or your organization interested in supporting our scholarship program, click here, to learn more or contact info@esomarfoundation.org.


Knowledge is Strength!

In April this year, we are arranging another training course for market research professionals. This time in Nairobi, Kenya. The training initiative is part of our Education program that was launched in 2014. The aim of the Education program is to improve the quality of the market research industry in emerging and developing economies. “Our ambition is to roll out these training programs where they are needed and in countries and regions from where we get requests. We see an enormous demand for professional training in Africa and as an independent charity we are really equipped to do this”, says, Phyllis MacFarlane, Treasurer of ESOMAR Foundation with long experience of training market research professionals in Africa.

To increase the number of training sessions, the Foundation is in need of sponsors and partners. Last year we received a generous contribution from Confirmit, a software provider for the Market research industry, which will be used for further develop and expand our education program in Africa.

To help us roll out the training programmes we collaborate with local Market Research associations. For our training in Kenya, we work with Market and Social Research Association, MSRA.

We also get many requests from senior professionals in the industry, who would like to contribute with their time and experience as trainers. Pervin Olgun founder of Barem, Meltem Karahan from Procter & Gamble and Phyllis MacFarlane from GfK will hold the training course in Nairobi.

To read more about our previous training programme in Myanmar click here.

Do you want to know more about how you or your organization can support our Education program click here.

‘Volunteers are not paid…’

‘Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.’

With our Better results program, we help non-profit organizations to better measure results and the impact of their work. The non-profit sector is facing increased scrutiny when carrying out their work and they need to better demonstrate results and impact in order to secure future funding. We can play an important role in this work by helping the non-profit sector to apply tools and methodologies used within our industry to get more accurate and reliable results.

Last fall we were approached by the European Centre for Volunteering, CEV, asking us if we could help them carry out a research study to measure the impact and effectiveness of volunteer work in the European Union.

More than 100 million Europeans engage in voluntary activities and through this make a difference to society. Volunteering plays an important role in finding innovative solutions to societal issues and is a significant economic factor. The voluntary sector contributes an estimated 5% to the GDP of national economies and many voluntary sector organizations depend heavily on the work of volunteers to carry out their activities.

Volunteering is freely given, but not cost free. While the EU has increasingly paid attention to volunteering in all its forms over recent years, there is still a risk of funds being cut entirely unless real positive impact of volunteering can be demonstrated. Currently the methods to measure the impact of volunteering are under-developed. Measurement of the Impact of volunteering is complex and multi-faceted. Therefore, market research skills should be able to add considerable value.

ESOMAR Foundation will support the CEV with appropriate methodologies and tools to develop an impact study on EU level. More specifically we are supporting CEV to organize knowledge, macro measurement and to create case studies for promotion of understanding of the benefits of volunteering.

We are currently at the final stage of this study and are looking for volunteers to help us analyze and summarize existing research papers on volunteering. Are you interested in helping us? Please contact info@esomarfoundation.org


Our Christmas prize draw

Our Christmas Prize Draw is now closed – a HUGE thank you to everyone who bought a ticket! ESOMAR Foundation, with the support of our sponsors, launched a Christmas charity draw to increase our funds for our Education program. With the money raised we aim to train young researchers in Africa. By buying tickets you will help us reach our goal of setting up training programs in four countries in 2016 and train over 400 people.

The winners are now announced below!

A big thanks to the office team for helping with the draw!

List of prizes

ipadApple iPad Air 16Go Won by Yeong Keat Leng in China!
House in FranceHouse in France Won by Elina Mosicheva from Russia!
wineWine box Won by Dan Foreman in the UK!
ESOMAR_CongressESOMAR Congress Won by British American Tobacco in Turkey
restaurantA restaurant voucher Also won by Dan Foreman in the UK!
MRII_courseMRII training course Won by Zorlu Holdings in Turkey!
Irish-hamper-150x150Irish food hamperWon by the team at RP Translate in the UK!
MRS_ConferenceMRS Conference Won by Molly Telford in the USA!
jacketIndian Sherwani Jackets Won by Judy Mercado in the Philippians
Book_Change_managementChange Management literature Also won by Yeong Keat Leng in China

We would like to thank our sponsors who made generous contributions to our Christmas Prize Draw.Sponsors




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Fundacion Tzedaka

Fundacion Tzedaka. Project Completed.

Project background

ESOMAR Foundation awarded its first 2014 Local Initiatives Programme grant to Argentinian charity Fundación Tzedaká. The organization supports Argentinians in poverty, with the help of paid staff and volunteers. The support programme UNI© ensures young people to acquire the tools they need to achieve their life goals and break the intergenerational poverty cycle.

The ESOMAR Foundation grant will support activities aiming to achieve a series of specific goals including enabling university and tertiary studies completion.


In 2015, Fundacion Tzedaka was able to increase the number of young people enrolled in the UNI program from 93 in 2014 to 104 today. The ESOMAR Foundation grant was used to financially support students enabling them to complete their degrees or continue their academic education. Eight Students, seven women and one man, were able to continue their academic education. These young people, supported through the UNI program, come from economically severe vulnerable situations living on average on USD 10 per day to cover all of their housing, food, clothing, healthcare, transportation and educational needs.

“Gala is 22 years old and still lives with her mother in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Gala is the breadwinner of the family as her mother suffers from severe health problems. Gala is in her 5th year of her MBA program at University of Buenos Aires, which includes a pre-professional internship at HSBC Bank. She only has three more subjects to pass to get her degree in December 2015. The UNI Scholarship allows her to cover her transportation costs and tuition fees”


The children of Bali

Project background

ESOMAR Foundation awarded its second 2014 Local Initiatives Programme of €5200 grant to Indonesian local charity Bali Kids. Bali Kids is a child centre open to any child registered in Bali’s orphanages that need medical attention. Children from the local village projects, whose family hold a ‘poor family card’, can also receive free treatment and care. The grant provided funding towards a new medical team comprised of a doctor, nurse, and a driver for a year.


During the year, the medical team travelled extensively throughout Bali to remote villages in the mountains, orphanages and disability centres. The main focus of its work was Health Education, with a focus on HIV prevention and medical treatment for children on site or in their house Clinics. The medical team also assisted with the establishment of an emergency medical link during weekends for children in local prisons. The plan is to help children who reside with their parent inside the prison. Children are allowed to reside in the prisons until the age of two.

During the project period the medical team treated 2,321 boys and 2,684 girls. This included 333 disabled children. Moreover, the medical team educated the 530 children in General Health issues, 670 children in child abuse and bullying, 2,433 children in Environment and health issues.

“Dr. Wijaya assisted with the establishment of an emergency medical link during weekends for our local prison. The plan is to help children who reside with their parent inside the prison. Children are allowed to reside in the prisons here until the age of two. Medical care is normally only available through the authorities Monday to Friday. We will fill the gap when an emergency arises”

First Training Programme in Myanmar

Within the education programme, the ESOMAR Foundation is organising a 5 day training alongside MMSA (Myanmar Marketing Services Association.) Free to the delegates, the idea behind this 5 day training bonanza is to share knowledge from all over the world with local researchers living and working in Myanmar. The programme will run from 13 – 15 August 2014 and focuses on:

Introduction to Market Research and Proposal Writing

  • The different types of MR (desk research, audits, panels, ad hoc, qual, quant etc)
  • The future of the MR Industry
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Proposal writing, understanding and challenging the brief.

Quantitative Research

  • The different data collection approaches
  • Different types of Quant Research (Ad Testing, U&A, Customer Satisfaction etc)
  • Questionnaire design

Basic Statistics

  • Sampling and Weighting
  • Sample size, significance testing

Strategic Analysis, Turning Data into Insights, Adding Value

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Generating Inights
  • Presentations and Report Writing


The MMSA and ESOMAR Foundation would like to thank our trainer volunteers for giving their time and energy to help researchers in Myanmar. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Phyllis Macfarlane

Phyllis Macfarlane is a life-long market researcher – starting her career as an assistant statistician, and culminating as Managing Director of GfK NOP, one of the UK’s largest market research companies. Her key interests as a researcher are international, B2B, market measurement and customer satisfaction studies. As a manager, it is people development. Phyllis is currently Project Manager for GfK’s CSR initiative ‘Training in Africa’ – where the GfK Verein is funding masters degrees and interviewer training to improve the quality of market research in Africa. This initiative will be rolled out to China and other emerging markets beginning in 2014.

Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas is MD and Director of Nunwood Australia. Anna has worked for nearly 20 years in strategic market research, is a trained coach and workshop facilitator and is highly experienced in using customer information – both qual and quant – to bring about business transformation. Since 2010, Anna has led the development and growth of Nunwood’s Asia Pacific business, which includes a team of consultants, researchers, analytics specialists and technical experts.  A Cambridge graduate, Anna is a member of ESOMAR, the British Psychological Society and the Market Research Society. She speaks French and Spanish, holds a postgraduate certificate in Law, and has spoken about applied strategic research and method innovation at conferences in Europe, UK, North America and Australia.

 Anagha Kanhere

Anagha has over 8 years of market research & statistical consultation experience across a variety of sectors including Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Education, Travel, Retail, Telecoms and Utilities. She has extensive experience of working with global brands, on market research studies including multi-sector Customer experience Management programs, U & A studies, New Product Development, ROI modelling and Segmentation. She holds postgraduate degrees in Social Statistics and International Marketing Management.

Silvina Neder

Argentinian born, Silvina’s market research career began in 1991 as a quantitative researcher in British American Tobacco (BAT). In 1997, she obtained her second postgraduate degree: Master in Business Administration. Her enthusiasm as an insights finder, lead her to move to the agency side: In 2005, she founded NEDER Statistics & Insights, an agency aimed at designing the best study for each client and at implementing it with the highest quality standards. Since then, Neder’s client portfolio includes the most renowned fast moving consumer goods and services companies such as Coca Cola, Bimbo, Master Card, Hewlett Packard, Movistar, Telefonica, Repsol, General Motors, Akzo Nobel, Lilly, Pfizer, amongst others. At the moment, she is based in Spain, helping organisations from different countries to research in Latin America.


Measuring the Effectiveness of Philanthropy

The ESOMAR Foundation wishes to create new links and partnerships between the Philanthropic and Market, Social and Opinion Research sectors.

Exploring The Added Value of Market Research

The aim is to help philanthropic organisations, charities and donors develop new and better approaches and skills in measuring the impact of their activities. By bringing Market Research experts to this platform we ensure that value is added in the quest for measuring the impact of philanthropy.

At the same time, the Market Research sector and the ESOMAR Foundation will gain a better understanding on how best to serve the needs and requirements of the Philanthropy sector.

Through actual case studies, panel debates and highly interactive group discussions we will provide a full day of exchange, learning and discussion between the CSR departments of large corporations, the not-for-profit sector and the research industry. We hope you will take away fresh thinking, new learnings and new contacts.

We encourage you to attend the event to contribute your thoughts and ideas and to take part in an agenda-setting platform that will help to address the challenges and opportunities for the two sectors.


Download the programme, subject to further changes as we confirm the lineup:


Join us:

Interested in attending? This event is by invitation only. Contact us to get more information and let us know why you feel you should be invited to attend!

Measuring the Effectiveness of Philanthropy